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There is one above all others. He speaks and sings and covers us with mercy while we zip from place to place seeking shelter from life’s storms. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I stopped to listen to His voice whispering on Springtime’s wind during these downpours. Would I finally hear the real message of the Rainmaker’s call?

“Let me wash over you, my child.”

If I heard those words, would I see the beauty of each droplet, or see every rainbow or sunrise in a different light? Might each storm be another precious opportunity to become more like The Light? Would I strive to love and live deliberately like He did? Could I possibly believe each dark moment or adversity in my past was an opportunity to grow and shine, to become more equipped for this call?

Imagine His arms wide open, reaching out to us in every color in every fiery sunset after a mid-day storm. His voice whistles through bursting meadows and Weeping Willow trees.


“I am with you. You are loved.”

 Would we answer with a list of questions that race around in our heads? You know, the ones that compete for our time and threaten to leave us running on empty. They usually start with ugly words like “what if,” “even when,” or but.

  • What if we fail?
  • Even when our words go unnoticed?
  • What if we never become part of the in-crowd?
  • What if we seek truth and justice, yet we’re wronged at every turn?
  • Even when we spin our wheels to move forward with our stories, dreams, aspirations, and our lives, only to have doors slammed in our faces and we take three steps back?

“Believe. Nothing is impossible with Me.”

This Rainmaker, the one I Am, who created everything that ever was, is and is to come, sends down his stormy tears like He sent His Word, His Son, to cleanse, purify, and perfect us in ways we can’t comprehend.

If we believe He speaks and covers and gives through His Word, let’s receive this gift of rain in our lives and nurture it as we would a seedling in a garden until it grows and becomes something beautiful.

Let’s see each obstacle as a workout or brain game that will make us stronger, and wiser. What if the challenge we see as a curse might actually be a gift? Let’s press on when deadlines lurk in the shadows, or queries go unanswered or requested correspondences go silent. Press send when we know we’re our own worst critics and we think we can’t win.


“Don’t give up.”

 I believe you are meant to become more than dried flesh and bone, so much more than a perfectly dressed clanging cymbal. When you feel alone on the journey, and it seems no one cares to endorse our life’s work. Work harder.

My what ifs are the only ones that matter.”

 If we hear Him, might our measly what ifs drift away and be replaced by could it beThe Rainmaker allows us to weather storms and trials in our lives for amazing reasons we don’t understandImagine each beautiful drop of rain cleansing, covering, and healing all our wounds and zigzagged scars—even the ones that threatened to hold us back from our goals, dreams, and our calling.

 What if these scars were meant to make us more beautiful insideto help us become more like Him—even if we take two or three hundred steps back?

Consider His sacrifice. His mercy. His scars. When I think about the cost of living for Christ or abiding in Him, I think of His sacrifice, and the choice I have to live and stand for His Word, or not. No matter what happens in our lives, because, sometimes our stories aren’t written in perfect straight lined scenes.

Some moments steal the show and make us so happy just to beThenwe have unwanted moments, you know, with the torrential downpours that come on without warningThey’re all are part of our story—They make us who we are.

“You are a masterpiece.”


 Today, I call Him The Rainmaker. My Rainmaker. I may call him something entirely different tomorrow, but He is and will always be my SaviorHe has different messages to relay through us. Mine is a little quirky. Yours might be scholarly or mysterious.

This Rainmaker calls us to cover one another, rescue those who are drowning in depression and speak healing over the afflicted. Rejoice when our family, friends, and peers receive a word from heaven. He wants us to break bread together. And cry together. Put others first. Sacrifice our hopes and dreams to help others achieve theirs. That’s not always easy.

He gives us the courage to deflect baseball-size hail and the sting when a friend doesn’t have the strength to raise their hands anymore.

Let’s intercede for our brothers, sisters, mentors, fellow writers, —and for our enemies too. Let’s truly believe.

Sometimes with unspoken words, but always with a thankful heart, my spirit sings with hope about the unfinished work the Rainmaker began in me. I will press on to become more. I hope you do too.

It’s hard to see reason or beauty in our storms, but that doesn’t mean each drop of rain isn’t beautiful.


Won’t you share a time where your trials and storms led to a deeper writing experience along the way on your journey?

BTW, Did you see the hidden message in this story?

Please join the conversation. Blessings and love,