Letting Go

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Dear friends,

The long awaited date: September 1, 2015 is almost here.

I know it sounds crazy, but somehow I feel the same way I did during the weeks that preceded the first day of kindergarten for each of my four sons. On one hand I can’t wait to finally see Coo and Flutter take flight and set their course for the many adventures that lay ahead of them in the DoveStories children’s chapter book series … But on the other, I’m a teary eyed mess.

Can you relate? Or does this sound like nothing more than another ridiculous rambling from a looney bin only a few privileged souls call Dreamdove?

Okay. Keep reading anyway. I promise there’s a deep message in this post. Somewhere.

All you have to do is look for it.

You may not be a writer. Maybe you’re a full-time mom, teacher, medical assistant, business owner, artist, or singer.

You nurture. You inform. You help. You learn. You strive. You create.

And then, you let go. Or not …

Now can you relate? If so, have you ever wondered why we’re afraid to let go? Of arguements? Of things? Of people? Of stories?

Failure is only a word. It holds no power over you or me. Unless we let it.

I’ve written and re-written and edited and re-edited. I’ve done all I could to prepare for this moment.

I know it’s just a story.

I know I can’t control what anyone thinks, believes, or says about it. Or even worse, what anyone thinks, believes, or says about me.

I’m just the messenger. Completely Imperfect … Like Coo.

And you?

One way or another, we all have to press the send button. Because when all is said and done and we get to the end of ourselves, we all have a choice to trust God, or the stars, or nothing, with our babies.

Yes. Faith in a God I can’t see taught me to believe in my dreams. He reaches down from the heavens to hold my hand and encourage me to do what I need to do day in and day out. When I feel totally alone or in over my head. When the journey seems too treacherous and I want to give up. When I can’t let go of the to do list that keeps me from letting go …

Have you ever felt like this?

What if our stories find a life of their own through the most grueling life lessons that finally set us free to become who we were always meant to be?

Maybe that’s how stories worth telling are born.

A cast of unlikely characters can leap (or fly) off every page with the hope of a simple mission that holds the power to touch innocent hearts and transform ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.

I’ve come to believe one man’s thought of literary junk really is another’s genius. Just saying. And maybe, authors, like moms and dads, are partial to our little Einsteins. No matter what the world thinks.

Even when … (fill in the blank for your life).

We hope and pray everyone will love and accept them. We tell ourselves it’s okay if they don’t. And then we cross our fingers just in case we’re lying without meaning to.

We’re vulnerable. We live in a subjective world. Period.

When the world thinks our babies are ugly, we know the world needs glasses.

When a teacher says your child talks too much in class and needs meds, you think the teacher may need a glass of chilllaxor every now and then.

Yep. That simple.

When our stories, like each child we birth and teach and love, are ready to take on a life of their own, we must step aside to let it happen. We move on because we know that we know that we know we have to.

You and I were meant for this moment.

~ Don’t be ruled by the spirit of fear, but by power, love, and a sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7) ~

You were created to do amazing things right where you are. Know you are loved. These two wacky doves (Coo and flutter) have been part of my imagination, my life, and my family’s lives for several years. They’ve become more than children’s book characters to me. My only hope is this first DoveStories tale, “The Gardener’s Helpers” touches your’s and your child’s imaginations and hearts with their innocence, mission, and love.

Blessings and Love,


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