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A Dreamdove’s Rant About Nature

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Could I sit behind a desk all day? No. Not me. Never. I’d rather give blood, or have a tooth pulled—or both. I imagine thick walls of dark glass standing guard so sunlight can’t pour into the room, and having a boss who hates the annoying glare on his computer screen. How sad. How boring. That same annoying glare is my wily best friend calling me away from my work, whispering, “Its time for a break.” I’m siding with the studies that claim short breaks throughout the workday are good for productivity. 

I need to take time to sit under a tree, look up at the sky, and soak it all in. Every color. Every sound. Every scent. Every day— I want to hear and see The Creator working around me. After all, It is He who gave me this love for nature. Mountains. Horseback riding. Hiking. Writing. Painting. Rock collecting. And gardening. I enjoy carving walking sticks or picking up pinecones on a cold autumn day. I’ve tried to paint the aqua warm waters of Florida’s beaches, believing I might capture the emotion of each rolling wave as it crashes onto the sandy white shores littered with broken shells. Nope. Didn’t happen.

I’ve attempted to sketch a garden full of twisted oak trees that resemble old men with long beards walking with crooked canes. But I never seem to add enough dragonflies, fireflies, or chubby bumblebees in my garden portraits—especially the plump ones with beautiful furry faces. My renditions aren’t beautiful but they’re all ‘me’. Some say I have an attention problem like A.D.D. … Oh look, a bee ~